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Saturday, November 30, 2013

(Ep.15): SR Podcast - November 2013

The Simplistic Reviews Podcast: November Edition

As Turkey Day draws to a close, the boys recap the month of November with Anime and Asian Cinema aficionado Neal DaSouza.  They talk about black films, black Kermit The Frog, and Blacklist.  Not necessarily in that order.

The boys also introduce an old game with a new twist.  A game titled with the infamous anagram K.F.M. (Look it up on the interwebs kiddies).  Remakes, Wolves of Wall Street, and Roadhouse throat rips.  Gobble up all that and more, pilgrim, on the Thanksgiving edition of the Simplistic Reviews Podcast.  Yes, that was a pretty bad use of word play.  So what?  Sue me.  Wait, don't sue me.  I'm so incredibly poor.

Show Notes:

Kermit The Frog
K.F.M. Game
The Blacklist
Sleepy Hollow
The Wolf Of Wall Street

"Birds And Brass" By Sort Of Soul
"Word Up" By Cameo
"Fame" By David Bowie
"The Best" By Tina Turner
"Little Less Conversation" - Elvis Presley


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