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Thursday, October 31, 2013

(Ep.13): SR Podcast - October 2013

The Simplistic Reviews Podcast: October Edition

The boys are back with another hard-hitting, face-melting, knee-slapping, balls-to-the-wall edition of The Simplistic Reviews Podcast.  October draws to a close with Halloween on their minds as they breakdown the best Horror Monsters/Villains/Demons of all-time.

The boys also vent their anger in another round of "Hey F%*khead" and no one is safe.  Everyone from Julliane Hough to Michael Bay are ripped limb from limb for their stupidity and overall douchebaggery.

Add in some TV talk, Casper the Friendly Rapist, and a barn-full of shenanigans and you got a podcast worth downloading and listening to while you're running on the elliptical machine.  Enjoy!

Show Notes:

Julianne Hough in Blackface
Chris Brown Still Beating People
History of Halloween
Scariest Horror Villains

"Birds And Brass" By Sort Of Soul
"Word Up" By Cameo
"The Great Escape" By Elmer Bernstein
"The Best" By Tina Turner
"Little Less Conversation" - Elvis Presley


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