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Saturday, June 6, 2015

(Ep. 49): SR Podcast - June 2015


This is it! The penultimate episode before 50th episode extravaganza!

You'll swoon for June as the boys discover that there is no safe joke to be made about Caitlyn Jenner.  They instead decide to tackle stories such as a Big Trouble In Little China reboot, a Jack Bauer spinoff, and a James Bond free for all on Simplistic Showcase.  Justin and DJ later pay off a debt and discuss the 2014 horror anomaly that is Ouija.  A conversation that introduces not one, not two, but three new characters.  There is also the introduction of an old game played in a new way known as Simplistic Password.  And The ongoing mystery between the boys and Julie reaches its climax.

Oh and Shia Labeouf closes out the show.

All this and more on a highly questionable, slightly offensive, Smokey and the Bandit themed episode of The Simplistic Reviews Podcast.


  1. This was my first listen to your podcast and it was a fun one. Everything you say about Ouija is absolutely true. It's sooooo boring. And YES, gigantic plothole! Great work, but you guys made me feel old. I used to watch Night Court every Thursday night, religiously, lol.

    1. Thanks for the listen Wendell! ...Man Ouija was so bad. The other movies we did sucked too but we could find something funny about it, this was just boring as hell...Night Court was and is amazing. Even as the youngest member of this group that grew up in the 90's vs the 80's, I still remember Night Court. Even though I only saw a few episodes it left a great impression on me.

      Ps Loved the Creature from the Haunted Sea review! I've been wanting to watch that film for awhile now since I saw clips from it years ago.

  2. Thanks for the plug guys. Anyone who want to hear more of DJ's thoughts on "Big Trouble In Little China" here -

    1. Dude! Your Welcome! The fact I now know more then one person listens to this damn podcast blows my mind! I loved listening to that Big Trouble In Little China. Great interview with DJ.

      Your question about YouTube to DJ I think is important to grow the audience. Youtube is available on so many devices and allows us to reach everyone. We're video guys and would love do more YouTube but YouTube copyrights issues keep us from doing that. Currently we're on probation (till November) from a copyright error which hinder our uploads larger then 15mins. Sadly the system is broken and we can't fight that even though the copyright was a mistake.

      And Hollywood is plan stupid and is afraid to take risk. The people in charge think more about quick fast money making and not fun long term thought provoking films.


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